me when i have more than $20


When your face just hurts.

Me: This movie is amazing.

Dad: Oh yeah?

Me: Yeah, when it comes out on DVD or whatever you old people do. You should watch it.

Dad: *engages Homer Simpsons strangle hands*

When I finally go to a Mac Miller concert..


When I wake up…

When my parents say I shouldn’t go to the concert & just hang out with them instead..

Walking out the door…

Getting out of the car…

Walking into the venue…

Realizing my seats weren’t as good as I thought they’d be…

Security asking me if I moved up…

Get what you can out of them.
Create magic out of it.
Kick them three times in the balls.
Between doing this, expect that you can get something else out of them.

When you try so hard and it doesn’t even mean a thing to anyone else.

Exactly the outcome I want. I’m a hipster after all.